October 4, 2009

Beta update.

Site is accessible at main URL now: bitsnoop.com. Yay.

Indexer is online, updating torrents at about 500 per second (yep) and adding about 200 torrents per hour.


Today we've had some storage issues (degraded RAID array) which resulted in about 3 hours of downtime in total, sorry for that.

Also it seems that cache in RAID controller was offline due to BBU issues. Should be fixed in next hours. The performance of site might be not-so-stellar (up to 5 secs) for some queries, we're working on it.

Coming up next - torrent ratings and comments. Maybe next week. Also torrent discovery could be better (i.e., 400-500 new torrents per hour). Working on it.


  1. People should be able to comment on a torrent...

  2. Already a lot of fake torrents

  3. Yes, you have a lot of password torrents... Which is sad...

  4. I think this could become a great site but at the moment I don't thin many people would use it if there are no comments section.

  5. and how can I browse torrents? like if I want to see only ebooks...

  6. Looks very promising. Keep up the good work, guys! *thumbs up*