October 14, 2009

Comments and ratings are LIVE!

Due to astonishingly overwhelmingly incredibly high demand all the team worked 20x7 and we've done it - launched free-for-all comments and ratings on BitSnoop.

Search by default sorts now by TorrentScore - a combination of rating, comments and peers number.

You can comment all you want every couple of minutes and rate each torrent once a day. No registration required, please keep it polite.

Ah, also we have 1.7 million of torrents in index now, out of which 1.1 million is alive (and accessible without any registrations/passkeys/whatever). That's about 1.5x mininovas by sheer volume and 2x mininovas by alive open torrents. :-)

Also users reported that we might have incorrect download sizes calculated for some (small number, actually) torrents (although these torrents will work just fine). We're looking into it.

Have fun, and good luck bitsnooping!


  1. Much Luck to this endeavour. Snoop'n & Seed'n !

  2. Awesome! Well done. I've just changed this to my prio torrent indexer. You're way faster than isoHunt.

  3. First off, congratulations on the launch of your website! I’ve tried it yesterday, and I must say, it works really well for me. It looks nice and clean too. I’ve also posted my first comment on a torrent on your website, hoping to contribute a little to the effectiveness of this indexer.

    Secondly, I was wondering if you’re planning on introducing the possibility of connecting to your website through SSL, in the near future. A lot of other indexing websites offer this, and I would really welcome it to become available for your website as well.

    Thanks for doing a great job so far!

  4. I wish you allowed people to remove their own comments because I accidentally did a double post.

  5. and yet no one is commenting on anything!