November 3, 2009

More search features - advanced querying!

Today we've added extensions to our (already awesome) search:

1) Word exclusion: if you prefix word in query with minus sign - this word will be excluded from results, like this.
2) Phrase mathing - you can search for exact phrase, just include it in double quotes, like this.
3) Boolean operators - you can use operator "OR" to indicate that you want results mathing ANY of two words (or phrases) around "OR", like this.



  1. Hi,

    Please add a direct download link next to the torrent in the listing, i find that much faster when I don't need to click into every torrent.

  2. hey this is actualy a great idea.
    Also, I LOOOOVE your website, BUT the thing is : unlike (I know I know, this is not the same thing, you make a torrent with all the trackers inside, wich is far better :) ) I can easely go to the tracker with the biggest peer and watch the comments about the torrent.
    with bitsnoop I can't really tell (because it asn't got the popularity of some biggest site, so there isn't many comments.

    also, does the magnet link actually add all of the trackers you put in the torrent or is this only DHT ? haven't figured it out yet....

    Greetings from france ! keep going my russian friends !

  3. Love this site guys, going to plaster your link all over the internet now.

  4. Bitsnoop is down. Whats up?