January 18, 2010

DMCA Jedi, issue #03 - The Angry Goth Poseurs

Seems like our business with Nox Arcana is not over.

Mind you, we've deleted torrents with their "music" at 16th of November 2009 - next day they send a notice.

Seems like Ms. Christine Filipak has really lost it: she started sending offensive letters signed Russel Williams (fake, for sure). Then she decided that Mr. B***ov is somehow related to our site (he is listed in data centre WHOIS records or something).

Then she decided to mail our hosting company, accusing us (in sworn affidavit) of breaching their copyrights.

Obviously she is quite used to lying: look at this, lying in courtroom!

Really, some people don't have a clue, do they?

We encourage you, our beloved users, to spread the word - boycott Nox Arcana and Christine Filipak! There are hundreds of artists with ten times more talent and creativity - give them a chance!

Stay tuned!

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