February 25, 2010

Status update.

Hi all.

We're working on bringing stuff back online, stay updated.

Meanwhile company McHost.ru (the one we host with) had offered to compensate our data loss - which was caused (as they say) by mis-connected disk wiring. In the server they were installing.

They have compensated us a fantastic amount of 70 (SEVENTY) USD.

Yes, that is correct. Seventy US Dollars.

Deducted from advance payments we've already made.

A nice price for the loss of all of our data (around 300 GB), which took us four months to generate.


  1. How does a datacenter/hosting provider just "lose" 300GB of data? Have they ever backed any of your data up?

  2. They "lose" it by destroying (redundant) disk array hosting the data. :)

    They do not provide any backup service and shipping all this data nightly is near impossible as network is not 100% available.

  3. Great to hear that the site will be coming back soon .