March 9, 2010

And here we go again...

Obviously Christine Filipak (of Monolith Graphics / Nox Arcana) is having some sort of personal problem with us.

We've started to receive threats again from her badly hidden alternative accounts - for no reason at all. She even thinks she is related somehow to to our data loss - what a deficit of attention, indeed.

As we seem to be getting barrages of threats on monthly basis - it really starting to look like she's suffering from something periodically. Kinda sad.

She accused us of pedophilia (what?) - although she seem to be unable to spell this word.


Christine has been busy lately. Now she is trying to frame us as a child pornography distribution ring.

She thinks that torrent sites' users are pedophiles!

Quote: "...but YOU and the child predators who frequent sites like yours...". Really?

In all the time Bitsnoop was operating there were no torrents indexed related to kiddie porn.

That's it. Go find your stuff in other places, child predators!

Also she is demanding that we remove half of the internet - because she does not like it.

P.S. We've found this picture in the internet, enjoy: Mirror 1, Mirror 2. Original images © Eric Verner (aka Ccorvis Nocturnum).

1 comment:

  1. I took the time to throw the picture up on another mirror in case she can get to the place you guys have put it.

    I can throw it up a few more places if needed. :)