March 12, 2010

Madness! Christine Filipak tries to blackmail us.

After sending us some fake ref. numbers for some fake complaints for fake accusations Ms. Christine Filipak is writing:

Now, since you made the first attack, I suggest you make the first withdrawal. Kindly remove the torrent on TPB and the photo on bayimg and the other two photos, then I will email the FBI and Контент с признаками детской порнографии withdrawing our complaints. I will CC you on all coorespondence. In the case of the Friendly and FBI, I must enter the info online so I will take a snapshot of the entries. Then I will forward the complaints to the US-RU Embassy as they require,

Finally, remove the blog posts, and I will email Google. Then when you remove the Tweets I will email Twitter. Those posts are also part of the FBI reports and Friendly ru reports but as a show of good faith I will still email them separately.

That is my offer of truce. You started this whole mess. This is the only way you will get out of it. So, what is your final answer? Will you agree to lay down arms or do we continue to do battle? Personally, I hope you choose the former (that means the first option, lay down arms, quit, call truce).

Basically what she is doing is a lame attempt at internet censorship ("remove things I don't like") - with an obvious blackmailing used to enforce it ("or I will frame you as a child predator").

It is pretty clear she does not care about child abuse at all - she just uses it for her own little internet war. Child abuse is classified as a criminal offence (which is how things should be) - promising to withdraw complaints about it in exchange for something is illegal and just plain stupid.

Funny thing is that we have no control over TPB and other sites - yet she demands we remove stuff from there. And no, we did not upload anything anywhere - got hands full rebuilding Bisnoop, no time for nonsense like this.

She probably uploaded the content she is referring to (we did not check it, no idea what's there really). Trying to frame us we guess. Even if it is true and FBI will investigate - will be really funny when they trace Christine's IP address.

Also, if you really want to impress someone with Zee Russish Langvidzh - use online translation service at least: "Контент с признаками детской порнографии" means "Content with signs of child pornography", it's not a name of a law enforcement agency. :)

We're waiting for a visit from FBI, CIA, MI-6, MI-5, Mossad, Interpol, KGB, FSB and her "friend" named "deathdealer0000" who blogged in his (day-old) LJ about going to Russia - apparently to kill us or something. Scary stuff!

Update 1
Now we understand why she has sent quite pretentious email with just "Remember this day. You had your chance." in its text.

Christine tried to defame us, framing some guy (by a sad coincidence, he is not really related to our site) as a child predator - see here.

Pretty shocking how low some people would sink in an attempt at "revenge" for imaginary offences. It looks like a case for some sort of anger management therapy.

Guys from - thanks for doing the right thing, such people should be ridiculed and stopped. And evicted from the internet.

Update 2

We're thinking about starting legal procedures in USA (on behalf of the person she tried to defame), as libel and public defamation are serious offences - and Ms. Filipak was kind enough to produce sufficient evidence for a lawsuit. Stay tuned.


  1. haha! i love reading about this crap! yall have an awesome sense of humor!! these feuds are hilarious!! like i tell everyone who gets the idea: "dont fuck with torrent indexers. they'll play with you, make you look like a fool, then bury you". keep up the badass work guys!!!

  2. @jack

    It's not like we're happy to do this - we're just trying to defend ourselves from this nonsense by making it public.

    Lots of things to do, it's pity we have to waste time on this.

  3. Rofl. I saw this on Isohunt and after reading the whole thing I just gotta add my support for you guys, this is the saddest thing I've ever seen haha. I bet she really believes she's lost money too. How many people DL'd her useless torrents, a total of 5? Guys, (Not bitsnoop personally, just DLers) maybe if you give them their $10 you owe they'll shut up. That is if you didn't just immediately delete after giving a listen, like the samples people listen to in record stores. XD What a ton of nonsense, people need to grow up.

  4. She should be locked up just for framing someone for being a child predator. I don't understand why people would even think about attempting to frame a person for something like this.

  5. Honestly does she not realize what a boon BT has been for unknown and young artists? Although some acts need to stay unknown.

  6. @Satsujinkyou

    We've tried to point that out in one of the emails.

    A quote from the reply: "We represent artists with talent, who, like every artist in the world, cannot afford to have people stealing their work. You cite other bands who you claim are happy with their situation of having their music downloaded for free. If that's true, good for them."

  7. It's ridiculous that she proposed to frame you as a child molester. There are no words for such stupidity and complete disregard for abused children.

    And then she tries to say "oh it's a woman reaction." WTF. No decent woman would ever even dream up something like this -- she's a horrible, immoral harridan and I hope her business fails.

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  9. *repost*
    I just got through the collection of emails between Bitsnoop and Monolithic Graphics and links contained in them and further links from those links.
    Took a while but after reading arguments from both sides, my unbiased opinion is that this Christine had a perfectly justifiable case until she started hurling threats (starting with Google) and ignorance of how Bitsnoop operates and copyright law in general. She had every right to ASK that links were taken down but then she goes into DEMANDING that hashes Bitsnoop has no control over be taken down.
    The level of incompetence in using the Russell Williams persona to start spewing personal insults is indeed Monolithic. I wonder if Joseph Vargo and William Piotrowski know what level of complete moron is representing them. This Christine has done more damage to their professional integrity than their music ever could (yes, I actually downloaded a taste of their "art"). It's really sad that "Nox Arcana" will now be more known for this internet battle than their music.
    I would be offended by the comments made by this Christine woman that lumps me (and any other person that frequents P2P sites) in with pedophiles except for the fact that I've seen pictures of her and the ilk that she consorts with so I merely consider the source.

  10. Hey! Do you guys accept commercial offers? Have sent about 2-3 emails, but still got no feedback from you. Don't want to seem apammy, but really want to cooperate with you.
    Hope to see your response asap.
    Have a good day!

    Stacy Myer