April 7, 2010

The story with McHost.ru / Oversun.ru and Bitsnoop

First of all - things are going fantastic, we're about a week away from re-launch, once we finish setup of new server for new, greatly improved Bitsnoop!

As some of you already know we used to host with provider McHost.ru (known as "McHost" and "Mercuriusz").

After they've destoryed all data on our server in February, we've posted a comment in our blog - mentioning company Oversun.ru / Oversun-Mercury.ru as related to that mess.

In just couple of hours person, who registered account with McHost.ru, was contacted by Oversun Group legal - Ms. Eugenia Suprun, head of department. Email was sent to our employee personal email and using his personal details, known only to McHost.ru.

Ms. Suprun wrote: "I represent the OVERSUN Group of Companies (hereinafter referred to as «the OVERSUN Group») that among other members includes «Oversun» LLC and «Oversun-Mercury» LLC («Mercury LLC»). It has come to my attention that you have spread invalid information that tarnishes business reputation of the OVERSUN Group....We would like to inform you that «McHost» LLC is strictly our client, and we have no powers over its actions and in what ways «McHost» LLC does its business." Etcetera, etcetera.

We've removed mentions of Oversun Group - server was pre-paid and we wanted to use it to rebuild index for some time.

Ms. Suprun ignored our questions on how did she acquire our employee personal data (which was provided only to McHost).

Turns our, Ms. Suprun (Head of Legal Department, Oversun Group) was lying, plain and simple - both Oversun and McHost were the very same company. Now management is trying to split these two business.

At 6th of April Oversun cut uplinks for data-centre with about 20-30 thousand sites (with 30-minute unofficial warning), including one of our indexing servers. It's still offline - after 24 hours.

Oversun was very "kind" to server owners, by letting download some of the data for backup. Trying to sell them colocation services at the same time.

McHost is already sold to third party, as Oversun is not interested in small-time hosting. They want to make it big!

So, a word of advice - DO NOT have any business with "McHost", "Oversun", "Oversun-Mercury", "Oversun-Skalaxy" or their agents.

They will shut down your servers - as a PR move to sell your hosting contract to highest bidder. Not mentioning destruction of your RAID array with 70-dollar reimbursement.

P.S. We're fine, we backup stuff. :)


  1. Good to see that you guys are coming back soon. These guys sound like pricks! I will spread the word about their bad business! Good work.

    Greetz from America