September 8, 2010

Mr. "I have unlimited resources"

It's not a secret that there are copyright laws we're forced to live by.

It's not a secret that Bitsnoop gets on average 30 emails per day with DMCA notices to remove specific torrents - we index millions of them, so some copyrighted stuff manages to sneak into the index.

We usually remove torrents in a timely manner, as long as the notice we recive is not written by a complete moron.

Here's one of such notices and the following email exchange:

from Carl Amari
subject Removing my copyrighted materials of THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS

You are offering my copyrighted shows illegally, they are THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS which are owned by me and CBS Enterprises. This is a demand for you to remove them now and for good. If they are not removed this week and confirmed to me in an email at I will instruct my attorney William Kummerer at Vedder Price in Chicago to use every avenue of the law to protect my rights which are being copyright infringed while also seeking damages. These shows are clearly copyright protected both in print on the CDs and via announcement as such by the announcer at the end of each episode. Why then would you so willingly and blatantly infringe on my copyrights? As I say if they are not removed this week, I will use the courts to protect my rights. Confirm this to me at


Carl Amari
The Twilight Zone radio dramas
Falcon Picture Group, LLC
1051 E. Main Street
Suite 105
East Dundee, IL 60118
1-847-428-7355 ext. 222

He is not able to specify what content should be removed and opens conversation with legal threats.

Nice, eh?

Also we really like "courts" - sounds like a proper way to protect "stuffs" on the "internets".

The reply is pretty standard:

Please read: - it is in English and
is written in simple words.

> As I say if they are not removed this week, I will use the courts to protect my rights.

Bring it on.

Obviously he's too important to respect stupid laws and even read rules he's asked to follow:

So you are refusing to remove my copyrighted materials under some guise that you don't host the materials. That might work with others but it won't work with me you are nothing but a bootlegger, pirate and infringer. Why don't you try actually creating something someday as opposed to just stealing other people's work. But that would mean you'd have to be creative and actually do something worthwhile. See you in court and I have unlimited resources as the co-owner in TWILIGHT ZONE radio dramas is CBS.

Now that is insulting - Bitsnoop is a work of art, and developing it is several magnitudes more complicated than "producing" (paying money to writers and actors) some radio shows.

Also we like "unlimited resources" thing - clearly Forbes is stupid for not including this guy in billionaire listings. Here's his profile by the way:

Hence the reply:


You cannot read English? Have trouble understanding English?

Short version: SEND URLS TO REMOVE.

Since you've taken "copyright-abusing moron" stance - please send
copyright registration info for the content you claim that you own.


This is a developing story, stay tuned!


  1. Isn't it interesting that Mr. Amari challenges you to "create" something instead of stealing other people's stuff when that is EXACTLY how he has earned his living all his life. Mr. Amari has NEVER created any thing in his whole life. He has made a career out of stealing other peoples creations and making a profit from them. Now he has just degenerated into a sad little man that spends his days in front of his computer searching for someone to sue.

  2. While I notice the copyright implications I also note the Racial slurs, therefore a new lawsuit should be raised against this idiot Chemical Amari, who undoubtedly is an Arab and simulteneously a Dog ugly one at that too.
    ( Just Like all Arabs )
    We are all wishing to see Chemical Amari in court ASAP on the charges of Racial Harrassment and defamation of Character.
    Sir Johnathon Prentice MA FCA Nashua NH.

  3. I just noticed that Pathetic Hair Transplant that Chemical Amari has paid all that money for, WTF .. you look so stupid, it's like walking around with a 14 year old boy's hairdo.. WTF ?? LMFAO !!!

  4. I don't believe it's nothing to worry about, Mr. Chemical is useing Rod Sterling to get his money, and he's thinking he's actually the creative genius behind Twilight Zone or something, I listened to a third of the XM radio play, and cut that tish off, he's no Rod Sterling, he sucks! The Twilight Zone was the era of the 60's, in 2002 they tried to reincarnate it, but only made 1 season cuz it flopped, and now a radio show thats flopping too!